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63% of LinkedIn users scroll their feeds without sound, and this doesn’t include those who are hard-of-hearing! 

That’s too many people to be missing some of the great content that’s on LinkedIn. 

That’s why we’re so thrilled to be announcing that we are now part of the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program!

Creating accessible content has never been more important, and certainly, never easier than today. We hope you keep subtitling your content, and a massive thank you to the LinkedIn community and the LinkedIn team for making this possible.  

Why subtitle your content using Subly?

Automatic subtitling and translation platform, Subly, allows enterprises to automatically subtitle content to increase engagement with audiences scrolling with sound off.

  • Improving advertising effectiveness for enterprises by increasing campaign engagement
  • Helping Businesses and creators to reaching viewers on LinkedIn who consume 63% of video on mobile with sound off, and those of different native languages 
  • Meeting legal accessibility requirements for enterprises to support 400 million people globally with hearing impairments

Subly today announced an automated solution with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions that allows enterprises and content creators to automatically transcribe and subtitle video and audio content in seconds. Enterprises will also be able to automatically translate content into multiple languages from early 2021. With 80% of consumers more likely to watch an entire video when captions are available, the solution will enable enterprises on LinkedIn to improve advertising effectiveness by increasing campaign engagement. 

What does this mean for Linkedin members? 

For LinkedIn members who choose to scroll without sound, Subly helps businesses to reach those with sound turned off, who are of different native languages, and to support over 400 million people globally with hearing impairments.  

Through automated transcription and subtitles, enterprises can maximise marketing budgets by cutting cost inefficiencies on transcription, translation and repurposing content, leaving more budget for content creation and ad spend. Subly empowers teams across departments to edit and transcribe content with no editing skills needed, including social media content, company updates, ads, promo videos, event content, online content, L&D content and job ads

What’s different about subtitling with Subly?

The solution simplifies different workflows, saving businesses time and ensuring brand integrity with styling options. 

  • Fully edited videos resized and ready to share direct to LinkedIn feed, ads and stories 
  • SRT files to use alongside professional editing tools
  • Repurpose content as TXT file to reuse content as written blogs, social posts or descriptors to maximise SEO

“LinkedIn is an incredible community platform for enterprise ventures, supporting a vibrant exchange of thought leadership, opinions and ideas. The offering for LinkedIn enterprise clients represents a strong and very relevant exchange of value and values - with Subly built for and around communities of video content creators, helping them to more easily express themselves on the global LinkedIn platform and beyond. This feels like the perfect fit.” Paul Evans, CEO Adgile Media and Subly Investor 

“This offering means LinkedIn enterprise clients can maximise video content and ads with Subly – reaching the 63% of audience they’re missing out on currently who are viewing with sound off.”  said Holly Stephens, CEO and Founder at Subly. “It supports our mission to empower every creator and organisation to maximise their content, and enable everyone to access subtitled and translated content.”

“Subly is the best subtitling and transcription tool you can use for LinkedIn content. It's essential that videos are subtitled so that your audience can enjoy and access them online - whether sound off, on the move, of different native languages or hard of hearing. Subly has also improved my workflow, helping to maximise and repurpose my own content, as well as content produced for my clients." Joe Gannon, Marketing and Content Strategist 

Wait... But where did Subly come from? 

Subly has a vision to make all content truly global. Founded in 2019, Subly makes content simple, by automatically transcribing and adding subtitles. So creators and organisations can create content with no editing skills, and can focus on what they do best, creating and sharing more content that people love. Subly has over 24,000 users globally, including enterprises, creators, schools, agencies, charities and individuals. 

For more information visit or follow @getsubly on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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Holly Stephens
CEO & Founder

Holly founded Subly in 2019 with a vision to make subtitling videos a simple 4-step process.

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