How To Move Your Subtitles Into The Video Border with Gillian Whitney

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Want to show off your videos better?

Gillian has a hack for you and she's taking us through it!

Find out how you can move your subtitles out onto the video border with the latest updates 👇

Thank you to Gillian from Launch4Life for this walkthrough 💛

How to add a border to your video:

  1. Find the Size button and click it
  2. Change your video from 16:9 to 1:1 (or another format)
  3. You will get a little message that positioning the video elements is going to change where it puts subtitles and logo.
  4. Agree to the resizing
  5. Your subtitles should now be down below your video.
  6. If they're not, you have the option of going back to Style and toggling the Custom Margins so move the subtitle position as you wish!

Happy creating!

Ready to start subtitling your content? Click the image below to get started!

Gillian Whitney

Gillian is a Brand Ambassador at Subly. She joined the community in 2020.

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