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Before we begin, make sure you have tested out your business idea and done your customer segmentation.

There are plenty things you can do to increase user signups, but here are the only 5 steps you need to get customers to sign-up:

  1. Set up a landing page.
    Make sure this has a call to action ALWAYS. If people land on here, like your business and you don’t even ask them for their email how are you going to go back to them when you actually launch? Go catch your first and ALL your customers here.
  2. Get started with a blog.
    DON’T try to sell your business down their necks. Use a blog for insights, tips and tools. It will also improve your ranking on Google if you make the content consistent. Think about what are your potential customers or users searching for? On this blog, Take 1 haven’t once mentioned why you should use video or closed captioning but we will tell you about how to market your idea as entrepreneurs are our target market.
  3. Create social media accounts.
    Set-up your social media channels, they should all be the same handle. For example, @getsubly is our handle across everything to keep it consistent.
  4. Track everything.
    You don’t yet know what will and won’t work. So keep track of those channels that do and don’t work.
  5. Make it visual.
    People buy into a brand, make it visually appealing, provide tutorials, do interviews and videos to get your voice and brand out there. Zappos has been doing this for years, using real people (their employees) to showcase their products. The videos have improved their sales by between 6 and 30%.
Don’t expect it to be an overnight success. It’s all about consistency. It can take between 6–12 months to really get some traction. If you put the hard work in now you should start to see results in sign-ups and longer down the line people will remember your content and come back to you.

Lucie Kasna
Head of Product

Lucie leads product and projects, including the future technology and roadmap.

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