Best Way To Reach A Global Audience With Video Content | Subly Vlog #25 ft. Subly Marketing Exec

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QUIZ: How likely is your content to reach wider audiences? 🚀

👉 Are you subtitling your content?

👉 Are you adding your brand and logos?

👉 Are you speaking to your audience in their native language?

If you're scoring 2/3 it's time to take your content's time to take it global 😎

Start subtitling, transcribing and (soon translating!) your content today with Subly!

Transcription below:

At Subly our mission is to help you make your content global. And that means thinking about things like, How do you reach those wider audiences? And how do you increase engagement when you do reach those audiences?

That's been something we've been thinking about a lot.

How do you increase engagement when you do reach that global audience? And Obviously, the first step has been helping you put subtitles on your video, which improves engagement up to 80%.

But now we want to help you translate your content for all of those international audiences that you have.

So why do we want your content to be global?

It's because we want you to reach more audiences. We want you to find those other communities that you haven't had the chance to reach yet.

In fact, research shows that 75% of people won't even engage with a brand if it doesn't talk to them in the native language. So just think about the amount of people that you could probably be missing. Only because you're serving your content in one language.

And more about creating a connection with your community, as well, translated content has shown to increase watch time, as well. So you're not only reaching those international audiences, but you're also building a connection that's going to help them follow your journey and connect with your brand and, really get to know you and what you're doing and offering.

And translating content really creates that inclusive environment. You know, it really makes content global, and that's our mission at Subly.

And that's why we're excited to offer you this next thing!

If you're just as excited about translating your content then just sign up to Subly Pro, and you're gonna be one of the first people who gets to try translation in beta.

Ana Kozlova
Marketing Executive

Ana creates content across all channels to help you learn about transcription and translation.

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