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IN THE PRESS: Startup Adventures interview with Subly team.

Creating content for social media is getting more popular every day. Especially in a given situation that 2020 has brought to us, people usually work from home and try to create new things online. Therefore, creators need more online tools than ever to make their content exciting and more engaging.

Subly is a tool for content creators and businesses to subtitle their videos automatically, edit & style easily, saving them time and budget. This helps creators to concentrate on creating more and improving engagement with their audiences.

Recently, I had a very nice chat with the Head of Marketing, Growth and Partnerships at Subly — Natalie Williams. We talked about the product of Subly, team, core objectives, and the challenges they have faced so far. It was an exciting and insightful conversation, and I would like to share more with you!

Here’s what we talked about:

How would you describe Subly in the simplest way?

Subly empowers every creator and organization to maximize their content and enables everyone to access subtitled and translated content. Our goal at Subly is to make content simple by automatically translating and adding subtitles. So creators and organizations can create content with no editing skills and focus on what they do best, creating and sharing even more content that people love.

Statistics show that over 65% of people view video with sound off — we help individuals and businesses reach this audience, as well as those who are deaf and hard of hearing. Since launching earlier in 2020, our users have spanned creators, agencies, business owners, influencers, enterprises, schools, teachers, students, and any individuals who want to maximize their content, improve reach, engagement, and repurpose content. With free and paid plans — Subly really can be used by any creator or business.

Subly editor screenshot showing subtitle editing screen
The Editor: Photo courtesy of Subly

What were the main challenges you have faced as a company so far?

We launched Subly in 2020 during the global pandemic. There have been so many unknowns for individuals globally. But this challenge turned out to be an opportunity for us because of the simple fact that more and more businesses and creators were moving online, and even more video content being consumed online than ever.

Our opportunity was to keep Subly free for longer and to help creators maximise their content throughout a challenging year. We also saw a real challenge for the education sector, keeping contact with students, parents and staff with distance learning. So we made the simple decision to make Subly free for them for longer.

How big is your team and how is everyday life for the members?

Being part of the Subly team is fantastic! Every day is different, exciting, challenging, and presents new opportunities.

We are a team of 12, based around the world from London to Lisbon, to Amsterdam and Sydney. Our team is 100% remote and it works! We work to build our community every day. We speak to Subly users every day to learn more from them. We’re also constantly working to improve and create new solutions.

Subly team festive photo for holidays on online call
The team: Photo courtesy of Subly

What is the Subly team working to achieve?

Subly started with subtitles, but that’s just the beginning. We want to make content truly global, and we truly believe that we can help individuals and businesses around the world to do just that! We want to translate and transcribe any content, for any creator, anywhere, so all can access content with sound off.

Here at Subly, we believe that content should be accessible for everyone; across teams, audiences without sound, in different languages and formats. Our tool is of course helping creators to be more efficient and save more time so they can create more content. But also working to make subtitles and translated content standard, so all can access.

What do you think about when working with partners?

Our users. We’ll always partner to make the experience better for users of Subly — whether that be to save time, add features, improve workflows or to save money for creators. We partner with organizations and companies with similar values and those who want to make content global too.

add and delete subtitles, add a brand logo, resize for social platforms, customise a headline, transcription for audio, edit subtitle time stamps GIF of Subly Pro video editing
The Editor: Photo courtesy of Subly

Finally, why should creators use Subly?

If you’re a creator and you’re manually adding subtitles or using a service with human interaction, you’ll immediately save a whole load of time and budget.

Not already adding subtitles? We’d always ask why not? With over 65% of people scrolling without sound and over 466m people globally who are deaf or hard of hearing, subtitles really should be standard not only for accessibility but to increase engagement with the content you’re working so hard to create.

Every creator knows the time it takes to create content, let alone repurpose. But for that simple reason, we’re helping creators to maximise content for different social platforms, and transcribe to TXT file to repurpose for blog or content.

Want to be a Subly Ambassador? We want to hear from you!

What would be your message to young entrepreneurs and creators who are just entering the field and want to create something big?

Build your own personal brand. Create great and consistent content. Connect with the right people and build a community. Try to use relevant channels and find your niche, try and do one thing well. But, most importantly, don’t be afraid to try out new things!

“It was very interesting to know more insights about Subly as a startup and see where this amazing product is heading. Personally, as a content creator, I will definitely use their tool to make my videos more engaging and save my time while editing them, so I can be more productive.” — Ucha Vekua, Founder & Creator at Startup Adventures.

Get started with subtitles today!

This blog post was brought to you by Ucha at Startup Adventures.

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Ucha Vekua

Ucha is a Brand Ambassador at Subly. He joined the community in 2020.

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