13 Subtitling and Translation Questions and Answers with David, Full Stack Developer

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What does customer support mean at a startup?

It means getting 13/13 on our Rapid Fire Questions, like David!

Catch David Alexander, Full-Stack Developer, and Ana Kozlova, Marketing Exec, answering FAQs on everything from transcription accuracy to our upcoming launches 👇

Transcription below!


David: We're approaching five. Um...50K!

Ana: Five. We're approaching five users, guys. We're doing really well!

Hi, everyone. I'm Ana, Marketing Exec here at Subly. And this week, we're here with David, our Full-Stack Developer. We really wanted to make things up this week, and we thought that bringing you a rapid-fire style Q&A would be super fun.

So David actually does our customer service. So if you have a question or something's really bugging you, he's going to be the guy who's going to be answering your question. So this week, we thought maybe we should test your customer support skills and really find out how well you know the product that you're making.

What's going to happen is David will answer the questions that I have for him. There are trivia questions, fun questions, and then some random, more random questions, and he's going to try and answer them in three seconds and then we'll give you a score out of 12 or 13.

1. What is our transcription accuracy?

Transcription accuracy is about 80%, but we're improving.

2. What's the longest video file we've ever processed?

Probably about 2...2 hours. Two hours.

3. How many languages does Subly support?


4. What file formats does Subly support?

We support a variety, mp4, mov, mp3, and just other audio files.

5. How much does Subly Pro cost?

It costs, um, £10 per month on an annual subscription.

6. So, what are our top three most asked about languages?

Spanish, Japanese and Russian.

7. Are there any more integrations in the works?

Well, I'm not supposed to tell you, but we are working on public links, so you'll be able to share easily...

8. When is translation coming?

That's another secret that I'm not supposed to tell, but it's very soon. Very soon.

9. A question from the audience is I have a strong accent. Can I use Subly?

Yes, of course, you can. We support various dialects.

10. How large can my file be?

If you're a free user, we support half a gigabyte. But if you're a Pro user, one gigabyte, and then we'll offer larger for the other plans.

11. What's the difference between Subly Pro and Premium?

The difference is that Premium supports translation, and it will have a bunch of other features which Pro might not have. But Pro is more targeted for the everyday user, whereas, Premium is for more teams and larger.

12. And how will translation work?

Well, you just hit a button, and then it would generate your translation for you based on the original script.

13. How many people around the globe use Subly?

We're approaching five...50K!

Thank you so much for tuning in.

If you have any more serious FAQ questions. You can always head over to our FAQ page, and you can always contact us, or specifically David, at support@getsubly.com.

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David Alexander
Back-End Developer

David works on the Back-End development so you can upload your content with no fuss.

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