3 Latest Features to Subtitle Content and How Best to Use Them

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You need to get the most out of your subtitled content by making your video editing workflow fast and saving budget in the process, right? 

We’re always listening to what you want next from us, so we’ve introduced even more features to make subtitling your content even simpler and easier for you. Plus, there’s a chance to save precious budget on your content creation with new annual pricing offers! 

Your 5-Second Summary 

So, what’s new? You can now move your subtitles and headlines to the border of your video to give your video the space it deserves. Save time by exporting your content with styling in VTT files (similar to SRT) and save more with annual pricing.

The Subly Superhero devs have been busy and are working on so much more for you coming soon...but for now, here’s the low-down on how you can get more from your content with Subly. 

Give your video more space with video borders

If you’re a fit-with-border type of creator, you’ll be happy to know that you can now give your video more space by resizing it and moving your subtitles and headlines from your video. Which will help give your video more space and to avoid crowding your video frame. 

So, if you’re all about getting the most out of your content, or you want a specific look and feel, you can now get the best of both worlds by resizing your video and giving it the space it deserves. 

How to move your subtitles to the border of your video

Login to your account, go to the ‘Size’ tab, select your video size, and click ‘Fit with Border’. 

Go back to your ‘Style’ tab and open the ‘Position’ dropdown menu where you can customise your subtitles’ placement under ‘Custom Margins’.

You’ll be able to do the same with your headlines in your ‘Headline’ tab.

Don’t have access to Subly Pro features like Headline? Compare plans here.

Keep all your styling with VTT files

WebVTT (.vtt) files are one of the most popular captioning and subtitling file formats. It’s so popular because it’s compatible with all major online video players, making it easier to subtitled content with custom-styled open captions.

VTT files can hold a lot of extra information you may need about your open captions, such as your subtitles’ font, colours, and positioning. This means you can be sure that the styling you add to your text will show up exactly as you've styled it. 

You'll save time in your editing process and stay on brand. That's pretty good, right?

How to export a VTT file:

Once your subtitles are ready to download (with styling!), click on ‘Download’ and select the ‘.VTT’ box. 

Your file will download as a VTT file like the usual process for a video, SRT or TXT file, but ready for you to continue editing using your other video editing tools! 

Want to get access to Subly Pro features to export in multiple file formats? Upgrade here.

Save more and create more with annual pricing

Last but not least, we’ve been thinking about how to add more value to you. So annual pricing is here! 

Depending on how many minutes you’re using per month, we’ll help you to save up to 20%  per year. So now, you don’t need to worry about monthly billing, we’ll bill you once, and you can keep creating content worry-free for the rest of the year! 

Want to compare exactly how much you’ll save with different places? Explore our new pricing options here.

How to sign up

Already have a Subly account? Just head over to your Login page, and once you’ve logged in, select the Icon in the top right and click Settings. You’ll find your Subscription plan with the option to Change Plan and explore annual options.

New to Subly?... You can explore our pricing page and find the right Subly plan for you. Select your preferred minutes and get started with your content today.

Your content should be simple. 

We hope these features help you save time and costs when editing your content so you can focus on making even more great content.

And don't forget to share your creations with us #madewithsubly.

Have a suggestion for another new feature to help your content editing workflow? Leave us comments here

Happy creating!

Click on the image below to start adding subtitles to your content today!

Holly Stephens
CEO & Founder

Holly founded Subly in 2019 with a vision to make subtitling videos a simple 4-step process.

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