3 Benefits of Creating Translated Content for Your Business | Did You know This Wasn't English?

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(80% of audiences scroll their social media sound-off, so you might not have noticed that Ana Kozlova, our Marketing Exec, was speaking Russian!)

We're starting to work on some very interesting things for you this past year, and one of those things is translation.

What does that mean?

It means we’re creating a way for you share your content globally in any language.

Localising your content

It means real localisation for any market.

This is especially cool for every creator out there who publishes content online.

Reach wider audiences

We help creators, agencies, businesses, big companies and organisations reach more of their global audience. Now we want to help you get closer to this audience. You are those businesses.

So whether it’s…

  • advertising
  • educational videos
  • copy for your company
  • podcast for a new market

Translations can help with that– Right?

Simplify your workflow while creating more than ever

We want automatic translation to be as fast and simple as your subtitling and editing, and styling of your subtitles now. We want it to be an all-in-one process for you and your team.

Give it a go yourself…

Now we're running a closed beta testing, and we're getting lots of good feedback.

Soon we will open beta testing for everybody to try, where you can be the first one to try it.

So if you want to become part of this journey, then just register your interest in Subly Premium  and be one of the first to try automatic translation.

By the way, did you notice, that this video was in Russian and not in English? This is what you can do with your content too.

Ready to start adding subtitles to your content? Give Subly Pro a go by clicking on the image below!

be a subtitling pro with subly pro graphic design
Ana Kozlova
Marketing Executive

Ana creates content across all channels to help you learn about transcription and translation.

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