Junior Software Engineer (Front-end focus)


About Subly

We make all content simple, by automatically transcribing, translating and adding subtitles in any language. So creators and businesses can create content with no editing skills, and can focus on what they do best, creating and sharing more content that people love.

Founded in 2019, more than 50,000 creators and 4,000 businesses trust Subly to help content reach further and faster. It’s our mission to empower every creator and organisation to maximise their content, enabling everyone to access subtitled and translated content.

The Role

Subly, is looking for a Junior Software Engineer, with a passion for Front-End Development to join our growing team. We have grown to more than 50,000 users in the course of a year and it’s time to innovate further using new technologies.  The Ideal candidate wants to be part of a growing technology team building various frontend and backend systems.  We believe this role requires someone with the passion for startups, willing to grow in their role.

Reporting to the Product Manager and CTO you'll be expected to assess where the technology is today and make suggestions for improvements.  You'll also be involved in sprint meetings to determine specific outputs based on our current roadmap.  You can view our public roadmap here

As part of the diverse technology team you'll be working with some brilliants minds, all of which you will learn from.


  • Graduate level or experience in working on any major backend technologies like Nodejs or Python
  • Working knowledge of Reactjs and Typescript
  • Demonstrating the ability to build a project from scratch or understanding of web application development (Student Projects, hobby as well as Professional experiences if any)
  • Basic working knowledge of AWS(Amazon Web Services), specially in S3
  • Working knowledge of how relational databases work e.g. Postgres
  • A Github account if there are any projects (hobby or professional) to demonstrate
  • Open to learn new technologies and techniques
  • Clear focus on the Stakeholders, both internal and external
  • Attention to detail and a self-starter
  • Demonstrate initiative, lateral thinking and a proactive approach to work
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