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How large can my file be when uploading?

The maximum file size you can upload for automatic transcription depends on your subscription plan. It’s 500MB for Free, 1GB for Pro, 2GB for Premium and 5GB for Business.

Do you have a referral program?

Of course! We always want Subly users to share the love, so every time you refer a friend, you'll get 5 minutes if they sign up for a free account and an extra 10 minutes if they upgrade to a paid plan. Your friend will get the extra minutes too! Log in to refer to friends today.

How much storage do I have for my video and audio content?

The storage you have on Subly depends on the plan you select, ranging from 1GB on Free to 200+ GB on Business. Discover our plans and features.

What is the accuracy of Subly's transcription service?

Our transcription is supported by Artificial intelligence (AI). Although AI technology has made huge advances in recent years but it is not optimal in every situation. The greatest factors of accuracy is the quality of the recording. If your audio has a lot of background noise the accuracy is likely to suffer. If there is little background noise, you use a professional mic for clear audio and one person speaks at a time, your transcripion will be much more accurate.
You can also add your industry terms to your custom vocabulary to increase accuracy (coming soon). We always encourage new users to use the free plan to try their file first and make sure they are happy with the results.

Why should I upgrade?

By upgrading to a paid plan, you can access more features, more minutes, and make the best of your content to engage your audience. We always welcome your feedback and suggestions, and we're constantly working to build and launch new features just for you. But running a startup doesn't come cheap, so your support in paying for a Subly plan will help us to accelerate growth and give you even more great features even sooner!

Do you offer a trial for paid plans?

Yes, you can try all the Pro or Premium features before you even need to upgrade. Log in to your account and go to plans to start your trial. Or if you're new to Subly, register for a trial on the Pricing page to get started with a Pro or Premium 14 day trial.

How can I get more minutes for my subtitling?

Log in to your Subly account and go to your Settings (you can get there by clicking your profile icon in the top right). Select Explore plans and choose the plan and minutes you need. Easy-peasy. Looking for more than 1000 minutes per month? Contact our sales team to find the plan you need.

Do you have an annual plan?

Yes, we have annual or monthly plans for all the paid subscriptions. You'll receive up to 20% off when subscribing to an annual plan. Discover our plans and features.

Do all plans include the Subly watermark?

Just the Free plan includes the watermark. We're on a journey to make all content truly global, including the Subly watermark will help others just like you to discover how to maximise their content too!

Didn't find exactly what you're looking for or have a question?

We’re here to help. Our team offer email support Monday to Friday and we always try to reply to you within 48 hours.

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