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What file types can I download to?

You can download subtitled videos and your original video in different aspect ratios. You can also download TXT files, useful for repurposing your audio or video to text. VTT and SRT files are also available if you use other tools for video editing alongside Subly, or need to upload the subtitles separately on social media. Log into your account and click the Download button to see the available file formats.

Can I share a public link with someone not using Subly?

We believe your video content should be available for your audience whenever you'd like to share it with. We have the Subly share feature for you to share a public link with whoever you choose when you've finished editing your video. You don't have to share the link if it's not for public use. Subly has many other interesting features. Check out different plans and what they offer.

How can I suggest a new feature to improve my content?

We always love to hear your suggestions on how we can improve our product. Please submit your idea or vote for new features on our Roadmap page.

How can I share my video straight to other platforms?

We haven't enabled sharing to social or content platforms for the moment, but we are working hard on new features. Please vote for what you’d like to see next or leave your suggestions on our Roadmap.

How do I download my video or audio file with subtitles?

Use Subly editor to download video or audio files with subtitles. Once you've finished editing your video or audio, simply click the download button top right and select the sizes and formats (video, SRT, VTT or TXT) you need. Then click download, your files will download to your device or to Google Drive. Log into your Subly account to start.

How Do I Merge SRT with MP4 Online?

Use Subly to merge SRT with MP4 online. If you already have an SRT file, you can add this to a video (.MOV or MP4) that you have uploaded to Subly.  Once uploaded you can edit if needed, or just use it as it is.  Just look for the tool icon in the editor screen to find the option to upload your own SRT file.
Once you download your video, it will have your SRT file burned into it unless you choose a different download option. Learn more about Subly's caption generator.

How do I export SRT or VTT files in Subly?

When you've finished with your editing you simply hit the download button and select the types of files you'd like to download, including VTT and SRT as options. Learn more about our automatic video captioning feature.

"How do I resize my video for social media? "

Upload a video and go to the editor, then select the ‘Size’ tab and choose the size you need. Pick from 16:9, 9:16, 1:1 or 4:5. This will help with all your favourite platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest.

Can I add a border to my videos?

Yes you can select fit with border when editing your video to move your subtitles to the border and give the main frame more space. Find this option by logging into your Subly account and exploring your editor features.

How to edit videos faster?

To speed up your editing even more, you can use style templates in Subly to save the colours and styles you usually choose and select in just one click over and over again. Templates are available for Premium and Business features only. Check this and other features Premium and Business plans offer.

How to brand a video?

You can style your subtitles, headlines and add your own brand logo to your video. Open your Subly editor and brand your subtitles in a couple of clicks.

How do you change the timestamp on a video?

You can change the timestamps on your videos in the subtitles editor. You can add, edit and delete timestamps too. Log into your Subly account and open your subtitles editor.

What happens with the minutes I don’t spend in one month? Do they roll over?

No, the unused minutes from one month won’t roll over into the following month. However, your monthly time budget will refresh.
For example:
Let’s say you are on a 500-minute monthly plan. So, you have 500 minutes in January and you spend 450 minutes by the end of the month. On February the 1st, your remaining 50 unused minutes will be deleted, and you’ll get your monthly budget of brand new 500 minutes. These will be available to you until the 1st of March, etc.

If you’re on a Business plan, we can be flexible about how you spend your minutes. Contact us to talk about it.

How do I spend my minutes?

Your minute budget is spent based on the duration of the video/audio content you upload and the number of actions you are performing on it.

For example:
If you have a 4-minute-long video and you upload it for transcription, that will deduct 4 minutes from your time budget.
If you decide to translate that content into French, that will “cost” you another 4 minutes.
Want it in Spanish? That’s 4 more minutes out of your budget.
In total, if you transcribe a 4-minute video and translate it into 2 languages, that’s going to deduct 12 minutes from your budget: 4 for transcription and 4 more for each of the translations – 3x4 minutes is 12 minutes.

If you’re on a Business plan, we can be flexible about how you spend your minutes. Contact us to talk about it.

Can I upload my videos from Google drive and save back to Google drive?

You can use Subly with Google Drive to download and upload your files, with your Premium and Business plans. Permissions are only required for the 'Upload from Google Drive' and 'Save to Google Drive' features. If you don't click on those buttons, Subly will have no permissions at all for your Google Drive. Check what other features you can find in our Premium and Business Plans.

What video and audio files does Subly support?

We currently support .mp4 or .mov for video and any audio files. You can even upload your audio file, add an image to it and turn it into a powerful .mp4 file with subtitles. If your file format doesn’t match, you can use a free 3rd party converter. Learn more about our audio to video feature.

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